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2019 New Water float Wholesale, sales, supply

Edit date: 2019.4.17

Editor: Guangzhou Hengqiao Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd.

     Guangzhou Hengqiao Marine Engineering Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of floating breakwater, specialized in floating piers, floating ball, floating breakwater in Sheung Shui, motor boat wharf, dragon boat racing dock, kayak dock, water stage, etc. Water sports pool production, wholesale, sales, supply. We have many years of experience in the production of floating aquatic products, and we are a professional aquatic engineering company which integrates R & D, design, construction and sales. We have successfully introduced advanced production technology and management concept from abroad. To provide customers with higher quality water engineering projects, Tel: 136 6010 8188

Water float applications: widely used in dredging projects, port expansion, waterway warning, aquaculture, sightseeing pontoons, buoys, yacht wharves, ferries, water leisure platforms, water restaurants, swimming pools, sea baths, river defilements, Garbage interception, etc.

Water float characteristics:

(1) Anti-corruption, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, not to be eroded by seawater, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic

(2)no pollution, no damage to the environment.

(3) strong load-bearing capacity, smooth cylinder, durable use.

(4) the service life is long, basically does not need to maintain, the repair.

(5) Assembly, disassembly is simple, specifications, models and sizes can be tailor-made.


Light weight, high buoyancy

Low absorptivity

D, simple construction and low maintenance cost


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